Take that Sh*t Away!


Rejected_Half_HeartI don’t need no part time love,

I don’t need yo part time thought

If I can’t be yo all day, every day take that shit away.

I love me enough for the both of us.

I think about me all the time

I’m always on my mind.

If you can’t do the same

Then how about don’t even speak my name.

Move along with your “complicated” life

Not ready to commit or have a wife.

I have no time for games

This thing called life is taking names.

I deserve to live, love, laugh and be adored

You’re not up for the task so I’m bored.

I’m making me happy you see

So whoever comes better add to that if they want time with me.

I don’t need no part time love,

I don’t need yo part time thought

If I can’t be yo all day, every day take that shit away.





Here I am but am I here? Do you see all of me or have I left too much of me in places where I should not have been. I have chosen you and though I have given too much of me away, believe me when I say all that is left, is here. Here my all I lay. Here I stay no longer a stray. From here I can no longer be away because you are my only way.

Here I come not compelled or led in constraints. Do you see? No bondage or binding bids me. I have come of my own free will and on this hill my heart is still. Listen, no thud nor fleeting flutter stirs my heart to sway. Here my heart has found its fertile ground and here it will pulse its final sound. On this hallowed ground, I who was lost is finally found.

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Screaming Silence

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Art – Lonely

When the wind went silent

I wondered if you missed me

Then the sun hit my neck

And I remembered how you kissed me

Staying away will be hard

When I want you this bad…

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Keeping Faith

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God promises our burdens He’ll bare

We just have to have faith and believe that He’s there.

Easier said than trusting the unknown

But look at your past and how far you’ve grown.

You made it thru then and arrived at now

Let your past be your testimony for how.

Keep smiling, keep shining because the pain won’t last.

Our Heavenly Father has kept us and we’ve made it thru our past.

Fake Smile

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Smiling thru the tears it’s what we all do best

But there comes a time we get things off our chest.

The loved ones gone,

The hurt of moving on,

The ones we can’t have,

Years of pain from memories past.

Putting up a great facade

We smile and keep going like nothings odd.

Adjustments to life’s ups and downs

While the pain we feel is real profound.

At some point we must reveal our wounds

Before our joy it all consumes.

Each experience is a learning lesson

There’s good in everything, it’s about perception.

Let the peace of God enter your heart

Start with a smile and keep praying through the other part.



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girl-love-memoriesI see your pictures and it still gives me chills

I remember our times, I remember how we feel.

We were so good and had so much fun

Who knew I’d look up and it was you to run.

I don’t get it, never think I will

I just know it’s you I still long to feel.

More memories good than we have bad

I’ll never forget the time we had.

I loved you then and I still love you now

I’ll have to be satisfied with only memories somehow.


Written by KJ2

He inspired me to write….

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Woman-writingHe inspired me to write….

With the way he made me feel the otha night

He was far better than just alright, This brotha’s shit was TIGHT

and all he did was give me the tongue AAAAALLLL night!

Made my body shiver and quiver just right

Got me wondering what the diz-nie-ick is like.

Oh he won that battle alright

Made me Tap Out, not once but twice that night.

Awoke in the morning to him back at work

It’s ok though gone and make my pussy twerk.

You got my number but I got yours

This war just started, I’m about to kick down doors.

Guard ya grill and protect ya balls it ain’t them I’m after I’m breaking down walls

You can run and hide but you’ve been exposed

You got me out my clothes but I’m removing ALL yo hoes

About to ravage your mind while you hittin it from behind

And when you least expect it your heart is MINE! 

~Written by KJ2

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