Woman-writingHe inspired me to write….

With the way he made me feel the otha night

He was far better than just alright, This brotha’s shit was TIGHT

and all he did was give me the tongue AAAAALLLL night!

Made my body shiver and quiver just right

Got me wondering what the diz-nie-ick is like.

Oh he won that battle alright

Made me Tap Out, not once but twice that night.

Awoke in the morning to him back at work

It’s ok though gone and make my pussy twerk.

You got my number but I got yours

This war just started, I’m about to kick down doors.

Guard ya grill and protect ya balls it ain’t them I’m after I’m breaking down walls

You can run and hide but you’ve been exposed

You got me out my clothes but I’m removing ALL yo hoes

About to ravage your mind while you hittin it from behind

And when you least expect it your heart is MINE! 

~Written by KJ2