Real Love Is. ..


real love is about respect,

not about keeping the other in check

love is inspiring the other to keep aspiring

keep evolving

together solving

real love doesn’t exist in time, nor is it intricate

it’s infinite

Simple and intimate


real love is about acceptance,

acceptance of all that was, is and will be,

love isn’t wrapped up and frilly

real love ain’t got much time for ribbons and bows,

fancy lines and prose

It ain’t about material shows

 love cannot decrease it only grows


real love is unconditional






Real love doesn’t come with terms and conditions

With booby traps and secret missions

Love works best when each other listens


love needs space to move and flourish

love needs love for it to nourish

love isn’t fearful or insecure

love isn’t addictive-needing more and more

real love is unconditional, everlasting and true

love is for all, not for the few


real love is seeing my hair in the morning and not running a mile

at the worst of his jokes still raising a smile

encouraging them in the right direction

-even if it means seeing less of them

real love doesn’t judge, nor can it be measured

real love is permanent and should forever be treasured

love is respecting each others individuality

real love isn’t binding, love sets you free


real love doesn’t diminish when they aren’t ‘who you want them to be’

-’programmed’ them to be

real love is the Power of honesty

real love has no expectations, only the Truth we see

Truth of the other in all their shining Glory

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly


Love is to Truth as Simple is to Be.


Written By Daniella Blechner 2006