I had a chance meeting with yesterday. I tired passing by, but you stopped me, because you said you had something to say. So I listened as you spoke words, about feelings, I know you would feel.  Yesterday explained that since I’ve been gone, it’s clear, just how much meaning my presence represent. Just how sorry you are and ever since I’ve been gone, nothing has been the same- and not a day goes by without you missing my smile, grace- my style. No one compares to me… gets you, connects with you or soothes you, like I do. My words that lifts and motivates as been replaced with white noise- You’re living an existence of necessity but always find the time to gaze off, thinking of what it would be like to have a naughty reunion with the only one who ever move you… Say and doing what is expected, missing the less complicated days when my arms were your oasis, and oh, all the time we spent… Yesterday explained how my confidence is great, but now it’s greeted with insecurities. I listen as it explains that not a day is met without a thought of me. How the touch of my lips, finger tips and hips have been missed. To my surprise, I did not feel glee after hearing the words leaving yesterday’s lips. I am not angry now that the script has flipped. I did what was necessary so that, I can now stand where I sit. A queen’s throne is the place you deprived me of yesterday. I must say, the present has been good to me and the future is beaming bright. I was glad to have met you yesterday, because of my encounter with you; I know how I should be treated today.


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