Success ©2012.

rebirth of my success what is this?
transformation from numb to alive
how did I survive?
heart in code red
mind brain dead
shallow breaths like a ventilator
rhythmic and slow
just so I know
like an outsider looking in
how did this happen?
is this me? Could it be?
once barren and sad
empty no joy
hope destroyed
spirit animalized
heart traumatized
mind victimized
until one day
like a light switch
the recreation of me
reinvention of who I be
thoughts and actions
move as one
in stealth mode
the key to success is this
no such thing as mistakes
only opportunities
to learn and take
with me so I can see
the bad and make it good
no quitting
goal setting
be a go getter
tomorrow is important
but not promised
enjoy the here and now
at this very moment
I have success



Shared via Poetry by Saphyre