No disrespect, and no bad intent,
Don’t want to offend, no ill motives are meant,
But for a moment lewd thoughts would race,
Of your sweet thighs messaging my face,
We are just friends and often confide,
Just never of such a fantastic face ride,
My thoughts have grown hot and go without haste,
My probing wet tongue and your sweet taste,
Slowly I’d start kissing high on your back,
And taking the time to lick your butt crack,
I’ve not forgotten our friendship and trust,
But my day was intruded with these thoughts of lust,
We are best friends and you say I am nice,
You’ll never know what I can do with some ice,
Going over your nipples, your navel and down to your clit,
My long tongue for you an ideal place to sit,
I can’t stop there cause that wouldn’t be right,
Not letting you see why my undies got tight,
My dearest of friends, oh, you haven’t seen,
The thick chocolate wonder that makes women scream,
I know, I know, we’ve been friends since we met,
But in today’s thoughts I’m making you wet,
My face now glistens from you riding my chin,
Face down you now beckon for me to cum in,
As I get harder toward you I take aim
Suddenly my thoughts end and I feel no shame,
We keep our bond but once maybe twice,
In thought we share passion… Wouldn’t it be nice?

~ Kelvin R. Jordan ~