My patience for Love has now paid off,“My Love” has made my heart so soft,

“My Love” has eyes that are so unique,

Revealing her soul I diligently seek,

To know her heart and how it ticks,

Peering I see what GOD had to fix,

Her Big Brown eyes they silently told,

A Tale of “My Love” and her beautiful soul,

“My Love “has a smile sincere and heart felt,

Just one glance at it and I start to melt,

“My Love” has these lips amazing to kiss,

Not long apart from them and I start to miss,

“My Love “ for  you now rooted and strong,

Irreplaceable “My Love” I’ve waited so long,

“My Love” is to me more precious than gold,

Lord grant me “My Love” until I am old!!!

~ Kelvin Jordan ~