All alone I sit and I reflect,
Not a thing happened and I do regret,
Within I’d starved, I hungered to eat,
From a fantastic spread of “Sweet Chocolate Meat”,
What now is this? A meal I did miss?
Of melons and berries, and roasted brown buns,
Delicious cooked meats not gotten with guns,
I’ll taste these sweet berries to start and to sample,
Then down to these melons so tempting and ample,
I reach and I grab and start to get bold,
For this Fine Chocolate dish and now I do hold,
So soft and warm held in tender embrace,
I know it’s delicious approaching my face,
Such an occasion dress up and attire,
This Chocolate Cuisine has my body on fire,
What to me it seems just so darn unreal,
I waited so long for such a great meal,
Daydreaming of matching desire to cleave,
My eyes opened as Chocolate had started to leave,
“Oh NO!”, place settings are cleared without haste,
Admiring the meal and without a mere taste,
Mild panic set in as I wanted to scream,
Removing the Chocolate and taking the cream,
I was too slow and wanting to savor,
Should’ve dove right in to get all the flavor!!!

~ Kelvin Jordan ~